Oroginal Social Anxiety Anonymous / Social Phobics Anonymous ebook

The original Social Anxiety Anonymous / Social Phobics Anonymous free ebook

In stages, the old Social Anxiety Anonymous ebook will be added here.

In line with the new licensing policy, this will only be considered one version of Social Anxiety Anonymous / Social Phobics Anonymous literature, however since it was the original literature, it will be kept up here as a way of getting any new support groups started until new versions are created.

Anyone may re-post it separately and affix it to separate Social Anxiety Anonymous / Social Phobics Anonymous related webistes, either public or private.

(This is true for all literature versions, none of which may be individually owned and all of which may are public commons / creative commons Fair use material, in line with the Social Anxiety Anonymous / Social Phobics Anonymous license).

Each one of these is a section of the old free ebook:

Why It Works: Answers To Frequently Asked Questions About Social Phobics Anonymous— How Social Anxiety Anonymous / Social Phobics Anonymous (SPA) Greatly Helps in Overcoming Social Anxiety, Social Phobia, Shyness Problems, Social Fears, Avoidant Personality Disorder, Social Agoraphobia, Fear of Public Speaking, Fear of Crowds and/or Paruresis

The 12 Steps Of Social Phobics Anonymous: A Foundation For Social Anxiety Recovery That Can Work Alone or In Support Of Other Therapies To Eliminate Or Minimize Social Fears

The Suggested Tools of Social Phobics Anonymous: **Gentle and Daily Use of The SPA Suggested Tools Can Make All The Difference** (All Tools Are Suggestions Only. Use Those You Like And Leave The Rest.)

Social Anxiety and Perfectionism: How Social Phobic’s Anonymous / Social Anxiety Anonymous Can Help

How to Start a Social Phobics Anonymous / Social Anxiety Anonymous support group.

More sections of the old free ebook are coming…

Public non-affiliation policy: 

Please note: Although Social Anxiety Anonymous makes no public affiliations, there are many truly wonderful, valuable and worthwhile written sources of self-help (or famous self-help leaders) in both the commercial and / or more publicized non-profit sector and we never mean to discourage anyone from availing themselves of such helping resources in their personal lives.

**In line with the more recent reexamination of the public non-affiliation policy (and also non-opposition policy) the section linking to outside books will not be included. This is not a negative comment on anyone who has a public profile or is selling their book commercially. It is just bringing the policy in line with other major 12 step programs.

That boundary in any 12 step program is about protecting the non-profit nature of these organizations and is never meant to disparage any commercial enterprise, especially not those who help people. Nor is meant to disparage any public figure. We’ll go even further to say that society needs public figures, many are involved in noble service and reach and help millions with their work. We appreciate such people although no 12 step program (not Alcoholics Anonymous or Overeaters Anonymous or many other of the well-known 12 step programs) allow for public affiliations with their organizations with commercial enterprises or with public figures.

**We also do not know of any commercial enterprise or famous person making such an affiliation (meaning simply selling their services in affiliation or partnership with us– that’s what we mean by “public affiliation” that’s all).

**This also an old issue that we, as an organization had revisited before our website went down, it is not a response to anyone currently either.

Very best to all.